Christian: The rising of the body (either Jesus' body or the bodies of all people) from the dead. ACIM: 1. The rising of the mind, and of the entire Sonship, from the ego's dream of death to the awareness of eternal life, from insanity to perfectly healed perception. The release from guilt by guiltlessness (see T-14.V.10:3). This is followed by the ascension, by God taking the final step and lifting us into Heaven. 2. The resurrection of Jesus, the reawakening of his own mind (not the revivification of his body), which paved the way for his own return to knowledge (see T-3.V.1:3), for his own final step (see C-6.1:1). The resurrection demonstrated that truth cannot be destroyed, for it showed that the crucifixion did not harm Jesus (see T-3.I.7:6-7). His resurrection set in motion the Atonement (see T-3.I.1:2). In it was contained the resurrection of the entire Sonship. Thus, by identifying with it we will experience our own resurrection. Although the reappearance of Jesus' body can be seen as a symbol of the resurrection of his mind, the real resurrection was the disappearance of his body, not the reappearance. See M-28.