Christian: The only begotten Son of God who came to earth to die for our sins. We receive salvation through having faith in him and his sacrificial death. ACIM: One of God's Sons, equal to all the rest, who was the first to perfectly complete his part (his special function) in the plan for salvation, and so became the leader in that plan and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Our model for decision, thought, learning and rebirth. In his life he perfectly demonstrated the way home through true forgiveness. In his crucifixion he taught that even in the most extreme attacks we cannot be hurt and so can teach only love. In his resurrection he set in motion the Atonement and brought us all home. Yet we think we are still here, and so he is now a living presence in all minds, who works to bring us to the realization of the homecoming that has already occurred. As part of this function, he has authored A Course in Miracles (see course, the). "This course has come from him…" (M-23.7:1). Through its words, he speaks to us, teaches us and guides us home. He calls us to join with him, but only so that we can receive his love, his faith and trust in us, and his liberating teaching, and so that we can extend his love to the world. See T-1.II.3-5, T-31.VIII.7-12, W-pI.rV.IN.6:-9, M-23, C-5.