23: A Course in Miracles’ “Hidden Figure”

A Course in Miracles' "Hidden Figure"

We are living through an unprecedented moment in history. It’s a moment where pockets of the world have been willing to finally look at the gaping wound of racism and what it’s doing to us. As Americans, we know this wound is a central part our origin story but what feels different about this time is the degree to which those who are outside the black the community are willing to not only examine white privilege, but willing to examine its contribution to the dishonoring and disenfranchisement of our black brothers and sisters. This includes acknowledging the ways in which contributions from the black community to so much of what we take for granted, and so much of what we consider sacred, have been undervalued and unappreciated.

The movie “Hidden Figures” captured this concept in the story of three black women who were behind very successful missions at NASA, and whose stories were not widely known until recently. A Course in Miracles has its own “hidden figure” and that’s what we talk about in this episode of Exploring A Course in Miracles with our guest Freedom Cartwright.

All of us at the Circle wish to thank Freedom and Laura Yates Campoli for their dedication to bringing this story to light.


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