24: The Social Vision of A Course in Miracles

The Social Vision of A Course in Miracles

If the title of this article strikes you as odd, you are not alone. People familiar with A Course in Miracles don’t usually think in terms of its social vision. Doesn’t the Course urge us to “seek not to change the world”? Isn’t our sole responsibility to accept the Atonement for ourselves? Isn’t the Course strictly about how we perceive the world in our own minds?

We at the Circle have been arguing for years that the Course is deeply concerned with our role in uplifting the world, and that it even sees us carrying out this role through a great deal of “busy doing”. In this episode of Exploring A Course in Miracles, Robert Perry and Emily Bennington discuss how we can use our own lives to become an “oasis in the desert” and achieve Jesus’ vision of social change.

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