34: What does Jesus do for us?

What does Jesus do for us?

A Course in Miracles calls us to go places we seemingly can’t go. How, then, do we get there? One answer is that we lean on Jesus’ help. The Course teaches that Jesus is genuinely present, and that we can lean on his strength, his guidance, his healing, and his companionship. This naturally brings up many questions: Does he really exist? Is he available to us personally? How do we call upon his help? What things do we turn to him for? What things should we not turn to him for?

Please join Robert and Emily as they discuss these vital questions for our journey with the Course. This discussion was originally broadcast live via Facebook. (Find out details of their next live broadcast by following the Circle of Atonement’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/circleofatonement).

If you’d like to read the materials referenced in this discussion, they can be found in the Complete and Annotated Edition of ACIM. The book is available via Amazon (affiliate): https://amzn.to/3fQyRvW.



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