One who is like you and shares the same Father. All members of the Sonship, which includes all living things, are brothers. Sometimes refers specifically to our holy relationship partner, especially in chapters 17-22 in the Text. By calling us all "brothers," the Course is filling a traditional word that refers only to male siblings with a profound and non-traditional content that embraces all reality (see he, him). The term "brother" in the Course implies that underneath our apparent differences of gender, culture, age, status and even species, we are all absolutely the same. It also implies that underneath our worldly relationships as parents, children, enemies and strangers, we are really only brothers to each other—equal offspring of the same Father. "…you have come with but one purpose; that you learn you love your brother with a brother's love. And as a brother, must his Father be the same as yours, as he is like yourself in truth" (T-31.II.10:5-6).