The symbol of the ego (T-13.II.6:1). What the ego does to every Son of God who believes in it.

  1. The ego devises a world which constantly crucifies us in little ways and finally kills us (see T-13.In.2-4). We assume God is using the world to crucify us for our sins. Yet we dream the world in order to crucify ourselves for our sins.
  2. The real crucifixion is inner, not outer (T-13.III.6:4-6). It is the condition of anguish which results from our guilt, and from the ego trying to crucify our true Self, the Son of God within us.
  3. We try to crucify others, yet this is precisely what leads to #1 and #2 above.
  4. The crucifixion of Jesus.

Christian: A ritualistic transaction with God in which Jesus made himself the sacrifice for our sins and thus paid the debt of our sins.

ACIM: An extreme teaching example of true forgiveness, in which Jesus underwent an intensified version of the crucifixion we all experience, yet did not perceive it as real. The events of the crucifixion themselves had no redemptive value (see T-3.I.1:2, T-14.V.10:1); it was how he perceived and responded to them that led to the resurrection. His response demonstrated that no attack—no matter how extreme (see no order of difficulty in miracles)—can truly hurt or kill us, the Son of God. He demonstrated that instead of responding with anger and retaliation we should teach only love (see T-6.I).

See Atonement.