One who saves us with his holiness, who gives us salvation. 1. A minor usage is the Christ, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. 2. The major usage is the people in our lives, especially our holy relationship partner(s). We think that our salvation comes through attacking them. Yet they are our saviors. We allow them to save us through saving them, through seeing their holiness with Christ's vision. The mere sight of their holiness saves us, and this sight will also release them to consciously and actively save us (see T-29.III, W-pI.78.7-8. Note: Other people are our saviors because of their holiness, not because they flush our egos to the surface (though there is one reference to this; see W-pI.192.9). 3. Our function, then, is to be a savior to others, which we do by seeing salvation in them, by seeing them as our saviors. 4. The ego sees death, fear, specialness and the body as our saviors. See witness. See T-20.II.9-11.