A state of rest, contentment and fulfillment, characterized by theabsence of war, conflict, anxiety, guilt, fear and want. 1. The state of eternity or knowledge, the peace of God, in which there is eternal stillness and perfect freedom from danger, war, guilt or lack. The peace of God rests on the fact that His Will has no opposite. This peace, when first discovered, is entirely unlike all previous experiences. 2. The state just short of Heaven which is the goal of the Course (see T-8.I.1:1-3), the pre-condition for remembering knowledge. Through forgiveness, we relinquish all guilt and attack. This brings about a peace which is not knowledge, but does not attack or obstruct knowledge. It thus allows knowledge to flow into our minds. 3. The ego tries to obstruct peace, for the ego is sustained by attack, by war and by guilt. See M-11, M-20.